August Round-Up & September Goals!

Sunday 30 August 2015

September is quite literally just around the corner, and hopefully this year is much like every year previous and there will be a glorious little September heatwave! Just you know, to fool us into thinking that we've actually had some nice weather this summer, before we can settle nicely into Autumn and every amazing thing it has to offer!

This months goals have been a bit of a mixed bag. Some have been completed with full satisfaction and others, well...others have made it clear that I am a lost cause! If you like, you can check out last months post here, for a full run down!

August Goals

- Schedule blog re-name
100%, completely, absolutely done! This was my main priority, and I managed to get it out of the way at the very beginning of the month, I'm not gonna lie I was super proud of myself! You can check out my introduction to Simply Courageous here.

- Make final decision about Vague Adventures
I'm pretty certain that we have fully decided what we want to do next year. It's so scary, but also really exciting! Once we have a few more details sorted out I'll be able to write about it here!

- Save money
Surprisingly, this wasn't officially on my list of goals for this month, but I've actually done really well so I thought I'd include it anyway! When my pay went in on Friday I finally passed that amount I could never reach, so I definitely see that as a victory! Even if it does, you know, go back down as my phone bill/car insurance/house-keeping come out this week...but it's an improvement!

- Get a hair cut
Still not done. Yep, this is why I am a lost cause. I feel like I should make a public apology for how dead my hair must look by this stage!

- Print photos
Still not done. I don't know where my motivation to do these things has gone. I'd like to get that back, thanks!

September Goals

- Up my blog game
Last months blog goal was to change the name/domain/theme and I managed to do all of that pretty swiftly and painlessly! I'm now more in love with my blog than ever, it's never looked better and I want to keep improving it. The next obvious thing to work on is my content/photography! So I'm going to try and have more meaningful, better quality posts instead of just the same old, same old weekly round ups!

- Read more Christian Lit
I don't struggle with reading in the slightest, I could read until the cows come home! Side note: I've never really understood that phrase, but it seemed fitting! At the minute, all I am reading is mainly Young Adult/Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Dystopian/High Fantasy, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I love these genres, I want to start reading faith based books again too. The last one I read was Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller, and I enjoyed it so much, it really opened my eyes so I want to get back into them again. I'm going to start with Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. It's a book I've read a few times before but CS Lewis is a complete genius so I'll quite happily read it again!

- Stop buying Bolt Ons 
This is something I am really terrible for. I always, always manage to go over my data allowance on my phone and end up buying bolt ons to see me through to the date when it resets! It's such an unnecessary expense and really, with 2GB of data as part of my contract it shouldn't be necessary! This month I'm going to try and not purchase any, and just rely on the sweet mercy that is free wifi.

- Scrapbook
My scrapbook has been horribly neglected the last couple of months, so I'm going to get back into it this month. I love looking back on the pages I've completed already and seeing the progress it's making! This should encourage me to print more photos off aswell, because you know apparently I completely suck at it!

- Get a haircut
Seriously. I mean, it's going to stay on my goals until it's done because it's beyond a joke now!

- Get healthy
I'm going to try and keep up this motivation for the gym and really work hard to make a difference to my health!

Have you set yourself any goals for September? Let me know in the comments!