This Week: 5 Things

Sunday 16 August 2015

David and I went away on a camping trip, from Sunday to Thursday of this week and it was absolutely glorious! To be honest I wasn't too keen on going for so long, I kinda thought that 2 nights, 3 at a push, would be more than enough time spent in a tent...after all, when we went to Gosford in May we only camped for 2 nights.
But by the time Thursday rolled around and it was time to go home, we were both so sad to be leaving! It was such an amazing 5 days, but here's the thing...we didn't do much! Like, at all! We were full of plans and places to explore, but our days pretty much consisted of relaxing around the tent, playing cards and just embracing having absolutely nothing to do. It was amazing!

Kilbroney Forest Park
We camped in Kilbroney, as we'd been down for Davids Birthday a couple of weeks ago and really liked it so we thought, why not! That part of the country is just so beautiful, but it really does look it's best on a sunny, cloudless day. While we were camping we didn't stray too far away from the campsite. We went for a couple of walks, and ventured into Rostrevor and Warrenpoint a couple of times, but as I said up above, we didn't do much at all! It was nice to be able to sit and people-watch the other families and groups of people around the site. The site itself is great! The facilities are all kept clean and warm, you are given a swipe card to gain access to them and also to let your car through the barriers at the entrance. There's also security guards on site from 9pm - 5am, which is actually a surprising comfort, and not one that I'd realised I would notice or even care about! But it was nice to know that they were there, just incase we should ever need them.

Playing Tennis
While we were stocking up on food and essentials in Tesco before we left, David noticed that they had tennis rackets on sale so obviously we ended up getting some. I sound slightly resentful of this, but I'm really not! Kilbroney have two tennis courts on site, so he was super excited to try them out and test out his mad tennis skills. It was actually really fun playing, but we didn't go so far as playing real matches...neither of us have enough skill for that just yet! I think we're going to try and keep it going here at home, because we really enjoyed playing!

Switching Off
Being away for so long meant we had no way of charging our phones. I mean, we could have sat in my car with them plugged in but that ran the risk of killing my car, and also we weren't actually that desperate. Personally, I didn't really miss my phone at all! It did feel a bit weird coming home and catching up with things on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, I felt like I'd been away from it all for ages! But while we were away, I completely forgot about it, and I'm pretty sure I just left it lying up near my pillow in the tent most of the time. We did make sure that we brought Davids watch with us (mine broke a while ago, sob!), so that we could tell what time it was in the mornings. This was a mistake we made last time, and so we had to keep turning my car on just to check the time! It felt so good though, being able to just sit and spend time with each other and our surroundings, without being distracted by our phones and social media 90% of the time. I would definitely recommend it!

Dublin Day Trip
We got home from our camping trip on Thursday, and on Friday we decided to head down to Dublin for the day! My mum gave us First Class tickets, and honestly I'm going to find it hard to travel on that train in the standard carriages again. The seats were unbelievably comfortable, we got complimentary newspapers and orange/apple juice. We also had the option of ordering breakfast (although this cost extra), David got Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg, and I had a Cream Cheese & Bacon Bagel. With a wee cup of tea or 3, it was the perfect start to a long, tiring day of shopping in Dublin! We spent the day dodging the rain, drinking copious amounts of coffee, ducking in and out of shops, and spending money we should've really been saving! It was a great day though, and a pretty good way to finish off a great weeks holiday! I got a lovely new bag from Accessorize, that I've been on the hunt for for ages and David got new trainers and a Liverpool training top...a successful day for us both!

This week has been jam-packed, but it's felt so amazing to be off work for so long. As weeks go, I've loved this one so much!

How has your week been? Have you been up to anything fun?