Friday Faves: 29th January 2016

Friday 29 January 2016

This Friday sees the beginning of Friday Faves, a new weekly roundup here on Simply Courageous! I actually really enjoyed doing these a couple of months ago but as always life got a bit in the way and my weekly roundup ended up discarded and forgotten!

6 Weeks To Go: Preparations For Backpacking SE Asia!

Tuesday 26 January 2016
Travel, Backpacking, SE Asia, Planning
Image courtesy of Pixabay

It's officially less than 6 weeks until David and I make our way down to Dublin and board a plane for the biggest adventure of our lives to date! We leave home on the 1st March and on the 2nd March we will land in Bangkok, Thailand for the first leg of our 3 month journey!

One Little Word, 2016

Wednesday 6 January 2016
Browns Bay, N.I

Happy New Year!!

Oh, wait, is it too late to say that now? We're almost a whole week into 2016 already, and here I am wishing you all a happy new year. But, it is my very first post of the new year, so I'm sticking with it!