About Me

Hi! Welcome to Simply Courageous
I'm Dani, the girl behind the blog, and I just wanted to introduce myself!

A Little Bit About Me

I'm 29, currently living with my husband in my parents home on the outskirts of Belfast, NI, as we struggle to buy a house!
I work in Belfast as an Office Administrator.
I believe in Jesus & love sharing my faith with other
people, so expect to see some Jesus chat here.
I became a Christian when I was 18 years old, in my last year of school!

Also, expect to see alot of David.
We've been together 7.5 years now, & got married in October 2019! I couldn't imagine my life without him!


I'm quiet, but I'm not shy. 
I love animals, and will quite happily have a house full of them some day. 
I prefer Pepsi. 
I'm happiest when in a forest, by the sea, in a bookshop 
in bed with a book and giant mug of tea.

I quit my job in February 2016 to go travelling with David,
for 3-4 months and it was the best decision I've ever made (#noregrets!).
I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!

I started this blog way back in 2014 as a way of getting some creativity back into my life, giving me a space to share my life and my thoughts and mainly as a place to write whatever I fancy!

What To Expect

I love writing, almost as much as I love reading, and I nearly always have a handful of notebooks and journals on the go at once. This blog sits nicely alongside them as a place to share my thoughts with whoever will listen!

I believe in Jesus, so you may notice posts talking about my beliefs and my faith, 
and how I include them in my life. I promise not to shove it down your throat but 
my faith is a huge part of my life and who I am, so I hope that will come across in my blog, in a natural, simple way. I'm just sharing my life and my experiences as they happen, and I hope I can share this with you too!

I love going on adventures! All types of adventures, little ones, big ones and all the in-between ones! An adventure can be anything from a walk in a forest (my happy place!)
 to a roadtrip to a city break to a full blown holiday! I hope to include everything I do here, as a way of sharing these experiences with you and also as a way of looking back in a few years to be reminded of everything I've seen and done!

I also love, love, love to read, so you'll see a great deal about books here too!! Mainly recommendations and what I've read recently, I haven't quite worked up to reviews yet. My most read genres are Sci-fi/Fantasy, YA and Dystopian. As you can probably tell, I love being able to be completely immersed in a brand new world.

Aside from these things, you'll find ramblings on life in general from a 29 year olds eyes, other random chit chat and things I love!


I really hope you like it here on Simply Courageous, and if you do, 
here a few other places you can find me:

If you would like to work with me or my blog, or even if you just want a chat,
you can check out my Contact page for more info,
or drop me an email: simplycourageousblog@gmail.com