Happy New Year...Almost!

Wednesday 31 December 2014
Welcome to the last day of 2014!
Weird. Tomorrow is the year 2015. Does it take anyone else a stupidly long time to get used to the sound & feel of saying a new year? 2015 sounds so wrong to me at the minute & I'm not ready to stop saying 2014 yet. I also feel like it was the fastest year ever, it just flew by so quickly.
And now we’re the same amount of time away from 2030 as we are from 2000. Yep. That’s a real thing.

Vulnerablilty of the Saviour

Saturday 27 December 2014
December's been a bit of a write-off in terms of posts, hasn't it? I don't honestly know what happened, I did intend to blog, I even have several posts lined up in my drafts! But for some reason I just never got round to posting them...My bad. My only excuse is that December is always such a busy month with my birthday, Christmas dinners, Youth parties, Carol Services, present shopping, coffee dates, Work parties etc. etc. etc.

Made this happen totally by accident, but it looks pretty so I'm okay with it!

December Happiness♥

Monday 1 December 2014
Happy Monday!
Happy December!
Happy 1st day of Christmas!