Vulnerablilty of the Saviour

Saturday 27 December 2014
December's been a bit of a write-off in terms of posts, hasn't it? I don't honestly know what happened, I did intend to blog, I even have several posts lined up in my drafts! But for some reason I just never got round to posting them...My bad. My only excuse is that December is always such a busy month with my birthday, Christmas dinners, Youth parties, Carol Services, present shopping, coffee dates, Work parties etc. etc. etc.

Made this happen totally by accident, but it looks pretty so I'm okay with it!

Oh well, here we are! I will try and do better in 2015, it can be one of my New Years Resolutions :)


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and enjoyed a few relaxing days with family & friends, eating lots of food, playing Monopoly & watching T.V...or however you & yours may have spent it!

I'll write again about how our Christmas/Boxing Day went, but right now I want to talk about Jesus.

I never used to go to Church on Christmas morning. As a child I was always way more concerned with what presents Santa may have left for me, and as I grew older presents still played a huge part in not going, but also...leaving the house? On Christmas Day, are you kidding?!  Obviously, there was also the fact that neither of my parents were overly fussed on going to Church, so we were never really made to. 

It was about 6 years ago when I started going to church with my bestfriend, Gemma. She invited me to go to her youth group on Sunday nights, and it didn't take long before I was fully immersed in that group of lovely people! That was the first year that I went to Church on Christmas morning, or at least as far as I can remember...I may have went when my brother and I were really young, but I can't remember! (FYI - 6 months after joining that Youth Fellowship, I became a Christian!)

Gemma & I in church on Christmas morning 3 years ago!!
     (Because apparently we don't like to take photos in church that often, who knew!?)
Now, church on Christmas morning is one of my favourite services! It's so lovely, everyone is in such a great mood, the children are all so hyper and have brought their toys with them and we hear the well-known & loved Nativity story.

We heard the story of Jesus' birth, of the shepherds excitement at seeing the baby Jesus in the manger, exactly as God had told them He would be, and of Marys quiet amazement at her baby, the Son of God made flesh, laying in her arms as vulnerable as every other baby born in the world.

That is the message that has hit me the most this year, I think.

That Jesus Christ, all-powerful, a third of the Holy Trinity, God's own Son, was brought into this world in the most vulnerable state, as a baby. I mean, who is more vulnerable than a baby?! He could do nothing for Himself, He was fully reliant on his parents to care for him, feed him, keep him warm and safe from harm.

God's life was left in the hands of men, truly vulnerable, so that 33 years later, as He is made vulnerable again on the cross, He would lose His life to the hands of men, in order to save mankind.

That is one of the most powerful messages I think I've ever heard. The sheer amount of love in that one amazing act of grace, it's mind-blowing.

And it's the reason why I believe that there is so much more to Christmas than Santa, and presents, and food, and pretty lights. As cheesy as it sounds, Jesus is the reason for the Season. (Yes, I did just write that, please don't hate me.)

I know that Christmas is technically over now for another year (crazy, right?) but try to remember Jesus birth at this time of year. Remember His love for us, His indescribable, amazing love that He has for us.

There is nothing greater than that.