Recipe: Caramel Squares

Thursday 9 July 2020
Recipe: Caramel Squares, Millionaires Shortbread

Over Covid-19 lockdown and during furloughed life I've been doing a lot of baking - much like everybody else! I was put on the furlough scheme at the start of April, 2 weeks into UK lockdown, and since then I've made a variety of cookies, brownies & cakes...with varying degrees of success! I'll hopefully share the recipes that I used for them all at some point but today I want to share the recipe for Caramel Squares, or Millionaire's Shortbread, whatever you usually call them!

Buying A House As First-Time Buyers - Part 1

Friday 3 July 2020
Buying a house as first time buyers

Well, hello! It's been an age since I last looked at or posted on my blog, but I'm glad that I've kept it up & running because I want to share about our experience of buying a house as first-time buyers. It has been an experience, to put it lightly!