Vague Adventures

Tuesday 14 April 2015

I’m feeling a little confused at the moment.

A huge opportunity has presented itself to David & I, aswell as my brother and his girlfriend, and it’s exciting, & amazing, & kind of terrifying all at the same time.

So many parts of me think that we should all just leap at this opportunity with our arms held wide, because it has just been dropped into our laps, literally handed to us, all we essentially have to do is say yes, and go for it.

But…it’s pretty big.

Well, it feels big to me. It feels huge to me. But David was 110% up for it from the very moment it was mentioned to us. He doesn’t think that it’s that huge, it’s not that long a time, it doesn’t hinder or hold back any of our other potential plans for the next few years. And I suppose, when I look at it rationally, it actually doesn’t hold us back. It’s an incredible opportunity. One that, truthfully, we would be beyond silly to pass up.

I guess I just feel like it’s too easy. It’s too simple, it can’t have just been given to us so easily, there has to be a catch.

But it actually doesn’t look like there’s a catch at all…

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited by this! Reading back, it sounds like I’m just not interested, or too unsure about it. I love the thought of doing this, it would be beyond amazing, so much fun, so exciting!

I’m just nervous, it is a big decision.

I don’t want to say what this amazing opportunity actually is…at least not until a decision has been made about it, and all important people have been informed!

But I know it would be absolutely incredible!

We need to pray about it. We need to ask God to guide us into making the right decision, to help us know what it is that He wants us to do.

I’m torn between thinking that a) it’s been handed to us so easily because God has planned & planted everything for us & b) it’s been handed to us so easily because God hasn’t played a part in it at all.

So maybe that is what is actually scaring me, I don’t know whether this is something that God wants us to do or not.

So, if you’re the praying type, please, please keep us in your prayers!

Pray for guidance, and wisdom, and peace about making this decision. Pray that we would know Gods presence, as we try not to get too wrapped up in all the excitement of this potential adventure.

Thanks friends :)