May Goals

Monday 27 April 2015
Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor, looking sunshiny & beautiful!

So March & April were complete write offs in terms of Goals, but we’ll just call that a blip and move on!

We’re almost in May, and it’s legit scaring me how quickly this year is going in. The last week or so has been beautiful weather-wise, which means that we are creeping closer & closer to summer, and that is crazy!
Even though, you know, that little warm spell in April will probably be the only sun we get, but sure, it was fun while it lasted. As always however, I will live in hope that we will actually have a glorious summer for once, but I know chances are slim.

Anyway, time to get back on track with some goals for May…

Make that decision – If you’ve seen my incredibly vague, probably kind of confusing post on Tuesday about some potential plans…I’m sorry! I’m sorry it’s so vague, and secretive and not really saying anything at all. Hopefully I’ll be able to go into more detail soon, but for the meantime it will have to stay a mystery! Anyways, I’m hoping that a firm decision will be made this month, and some plans will be set in motion!

Look after myself – Things are really going downhill here, with the whole getting healthy/fit thing. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I was at the gym! I really need to get my act together, I need to start eating better, & stop eating crap food in the evenings. That’s my downfall, I think. I’m pretty good during the day, especially in work, but then I get home and want all the crisps, chocolates & sweets. It’s awful. I might try to keep a food diary this month, & see if that helps at all.

Go camping – David mentioned this literally only yesterday, but he really wants us to go camping. At the minute, we’re thinking of going at the end of the month for a long weekend, over the Spring Bank Holiday. We’ll need to do a bit of research, look into places to stay etc. but I’m pretty excited, and praying so hard that it will be nice weather. Camping in the rain just does not sound like my idea of fun, at all!

Print photos – I haven’t printed any photos off in ages, not just for my scrapbook, but for pinning up around my room as well. A lot of the photos gracing my walls at the minute are quite old, so they need to be replaced with more recent ones. I also got a lovely wee multi-photo frame from Primark about 3 months ago, so it needs filled up and put on my wall!

Get a haircut – This is verging on vital. The last time I got my hair cut must have been over a year ago, no joke. I’m pretty sure more than half of it is just split ends, so I’m equal parts terrified & relieved at the thought of getting it cut. Terrified because most hairdressers I’ve ever experienced tend to get more than a little scissor-happy and I end up with a lob instead of a trim. But it desperately needs cut, so it’s a necessary risk.