My New Fave Pastime

Friday 1 May 2015

So on Wednesday, I *may* have bought something pretty special…An adult colouring book.
It's seriously amazing, I'm so excited by it!

One of my friends was given one for her birthday a while ago, but until then I had no idea that these glorious books existed and I was instantly convinced that I needed to get one.
I held off for a couple of weeks, but then we were at one of our other friends’ house on Monday night who also had one of these adult colouring in books, and that pretty much made my mind up for me, I’d waited long enough!
David & I were meeting after work on Wednesday for a coffee, and we decided to go to Ground, which just so happens to be upstairs in the Waterstones near my work. (This was in no way intentional, we just really like the café!) So there we were, relaxing after work enjoying our coffee, catching up before David went off to his other job and then, on the shelves beside us, something caught my eye. It was a whole section of adult colouring books!
David couldn’t believe how excited I got when I spotted them. The colouring book I ended up buying is illustrated by Millie Marotta, a hugely popular illustrator and is called, "Animal Kingdom; a colouring book adventure". All the pictures are so intricate & beautiful, and actually require a fair bit of concentration.
Image taken from Waterstones. Buy it here!
Obviously, I also had to get some colouring utensils, & I decided on some standard thin felt tips from Paperchase. I’ve already coloured in two pages (an elephant & a dragonfly, in case you were wondering!) and honestly, it’s the best purchase I’ve made in a while!

It’s surprisingly therapeutic, there’s something so relaxing about focusing on just colouring in, everything else is kind of blocked out by it. It’s 100% my new go-to activity if I want to chill out & clear my mind for a while.
I would definitely recommend buying one, colouring is not just for kids anymore!