Happy New Year...Almost!

Wednesday 31 December 2014
Welcome to the last day of 2014!
Weird. Tomorrow is the year 2015. Does it take anyone else a stupidly long time to get used to the sound & feel of saying a new year? 2015 sounds so wrong to me at the minute & I'm not ready to stop saying 2014 yet. I also feel like it was the fastest year ever, it just flew by so quickly.
And now we’re the same amount of time away from 2030 as we are from 2000. Yep. That’s a real thing.
Anyway, the New Year.
With every New Year’s Eve comes the inevitable New Year’s Resolutions. Some people love ‘em, a lot of other people hate ‘em.
Usually I’m not too fussed about making New Year’s Resolutions. I’m one of those people who will jump on the bandwagon casually and say, “Oh yeah, sure, I’ll go off chocolate for a while, in fact no more junk food for me!”
Or, “This is the year when I get back to a size 10, I’m gonna do it!” 
Or, “I’m going to be super organised this year, with my money, my room, my life!”
And none of these things are ever close to happening. I find it so hard to stick to resolutions, more than anything else that I say I’m going to do. I think I just get bored of them. I don’t have enough motivation, or a big enough drive to see them through the year.
Which is why this year is, hopefully, going to be different.
My personal challenge for this coming year, is to be more focused in my resolutions, I'm going to plan them better. I’m not going to choose some huge goal that isn’t realistic and I have no hope of completing, but I’ll maybe choose a couple of little things that are far more within reach and take them one at a time.

Brainstorming goals can't be done without a coffee!

Now, when I sat down to write out what my goals would maybe look like, I came up with quite the extensive list! A lot more than I actually thought I had! Which is part & parcel of why I’ve decided to try out a ‘Monthly Goals’ thing.
So...I’m not going to be doing a New Year’s Resolution at all, really. Unless you want to call my ‘Monthly Goals’ my resolution!
At the start of each month I’ll do a post about what I hope to achieve that month, it might be something amazing, or something fairly small, and it might even carry over from the month before. It could be a list of 10 things, or it could be 2 things. So far, anything goes J.
I want to try and keep it as flexible as possible, because that way I can still keep it going if one month is drastically different to the one before, and it’s not too restrictive in terms of content!
So, here goes the 1st month…
January Goals 
-          Renew my gym membership (standard, I know, sorry)
-          Get rid of all the Christmas junk food currently taking over my room
-          Start a scrapbook
-          Do a massive clear out of my wardrobe/room
-          Read a book(s)
-          Save money for Rome!

I think that will do for January! There’s no point in starting off too heavy, and that list seems like it will be a good place to start this year off. A massive clear out, no junk food, saving money….It sounds so standard & normal & boring, but to be honest, I think it sounds great, starting 2015 off in the right direction!

Some of the photos I plan to use in my scrapbook

So, we’ll give these monthly goals a go, and see how we do!
I have high hopes, not going to lie.
I definitely believe it’s easier to accomplish things like this if you do them in small doses. New Year’s Resolutions shouldn’t be all about making your life perfect by way of a few massive random promises. I think they should be about setting yourself up on the right track for the year, by making small changes or improvements, if they are even needed at all! They can even be little reminders for us to keep doing something, or a small nudge to starting something totally new & unknown.
I’ve always thought Resolutions are kind of awful because such a huge deal is made about them, that people can be made feel pretty terrible about themselves if they either don’t do any, or if they can’t keep to them! It’s not about making a huge declaration about how fit you’re going to get, or how many holidays you plan to go on, or how great a job you plan to get.
The sad fact is that most New Year’s Resolutions end in failure. And that’s exactly why I’ve decided to do mine a bit differently this year. By taking small, achievable goals and going one step at a time, it should be so much easier to keep motivated this year!
That's the hope, anyway!
What are your thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions? Are you planning on having any?