Friday Faves: 29th January 2016

Friday 29 January 2016

This Friday sees the beginning of Friday Faves, a new weekly roundup here on Simply Courageous! I actually really enjoyed doing these a couple of months ago but as always life got a bit in the way and my weekly roundup ended up discarded and forgotten!

I'm starting them up again (or at least, attempting to!) because I feel like it's a really great way of appreciating the little things in life again, the small moments that bring unexpected joy or the things that are usually taken for granted. So, in the spirit of embracing all that life has to offer, I'm going to keep a record of all the little happy things in my life each week!

1 > Mini Eggs
I have no shame whatsoever that the first thing on my list is food! I loove Mini Eggs, so when I called into Tesco the other day and discovered that they have a massive aisle dedicated to Easter Eggs, I couldn't leave without picking up a bag! Mini Eggs are the best.

2 > Pretty Little Liars
I'm a bit late to the party with this one, but I'm obsessed with PLL. I'm only on season 3, but I'm steadily making my way through the episodes in a bid to catch up before stumbling upon any nasty spoilers! So far this week I've watched at least one episode a the very least. Usually it's two or three...

3 > Hot Water Bottle
Last weekend I spent the night at one of my friends house, and she gave me a hot water bottle to sleep with as her spare room was freezing. It'd been years since I last used a hot water bottle, but oh my goodness are they amazing!! I've been bringing one into work with me ever since to battle the icy abyss that is my office, and it's legit the best decision I've made in ages. Thanks for that one Lynsey!

4 > 24-7 Ibiza
I got confirmation last week that I am joining a short term team to Ibiza with 24-7 Prayer in June, led by my amazing bestfriend Gemma! I'm going to do a separate post about it, explaining what it is and what I'll be doing out there, but I'm so thankful to have received my confirmation email!!

5 > Family Time
Last Saturday I went out for the day with my granny! It was part of my Christmas gift to her, that I would take her out and treat us both to Afternoon Tea. It was such a lovely day, and the afternoon tea at The Secret Garden, Dundonald was absolutely beautiful. I'll definitely be going back at some stage, their lunch menu looked amazing aswell. But it was just really nice to spend the day with my granny doing something special. It was my first experience of afternoon tea, so now I'm hooked!

How has your week been?