#WeBlogSummer: Trends!

Monday 10 August 2015

Hello! Welcome to a new week and another #WeBlogSummer post!

I decided to give last weeks post a miss, partly because I was quite busy and didn't get a chance to sit down and write it, and partly because I didn't actually know what to write about!
The topic was Summer Music/Photography, and as my photography skills aren't much to shout about that was a no-go area. Summer Music would have been doable, but I haven't been to any festivals this year, and for some strange reason I haven't really been listening to much new music! Although, David & I have become pretty infatuated with Florence and the Machine, after watching her set at Glastonbury...that girl can sing!

This weeks topic is Trends.

Now, I'm not going to lie, I thought I was going to struggle with this one aswell. I'm not a fashion blogger. I can dress myself in a way that I find semi-acceptable, most of the time, but they aren't outfits that I feel would be beneficial for others to see! Unless it's an outfit that I'm extremely proud of, or I've got a new scarf or coat or something that I want to share with whoever may be interested, then I might be tempted to do a post on them. But you know, that may or may not be likely. Who knows!

But then I figured, Trends doesn't necessarily have to be about fashion. So, I got my thinking cap on...

And one trend I can get entirely on board with, is pastel hair colour!

Photos courtesy of: Total Beauty, Beauty Editor & Cute DIY Projects on Pinterest!

I love the huge variety of colours that can be achieved by mixing dyes and a bit of creative flair! I'm nowhere near creative enough to be able to do any of these crazy multi-coloured dyes myself, but I can lose hours endlessly scrolling through Pinterest boards, turning more and more green with envy at all these beautiful girl with even more beautiful hair!

I'm not entirely sure how pleased my work would be, if I were to turn up with pastel hair. They might not even notice, but then again they might also be highly unimpressed! It's not something that I feel has ever been discussed in this particular office!

Last week, however, I went ahead and purchased a bottle of Bleach London temporary hair dye in Awkward Peach. I tried it out on a few strands of hair from the bottom of my head, in the hope that they could be easily hidden if need be. Sadly, however my hair is too dark for much of a change to be noticeable.

I had kinda hoped that the bottom of my hair might be light enough to get away without having to bleach it, it's already a really light, gingery-blonde colour. But it was not to be! The next time that I'm in Boots, I'm going to have a nosey at their Bleach London collection, and get either a bleach kit, or their DIY dip-dye kit. I'm probably going to have a look at some tutorials aswell, just to figure out which would be best!

What are your favourite trends this summer? Have you ever tried any Bleach London dyes?

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