This Week: 4 Things

Sunday 23 August 2015

Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
I bought this book from Easons when David & I were down in Dublin for the day last Friday, I started reading it on Monday, during my breaks in work, and I had it finished on Wednesday!
I had seen alot of hype about this book for about the last year or so, and after hearing that it's already lined up for a feature film starring Emma Watson, and reading so many amazing reviews, I knew that it was a book I would eventually pick up. I had been waiting for it to be released in paperback, as I'm not a big fan of hardbacks, and then I don't really know why I waited until last week to get it, but c'est la vie. It was so good! I was in love from the first few pages, it has such a gripping storyline and I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel! Although it is yet to be released in paperback here, sadly. A review may be in the works, we shall see!

Bestfriend Catch Ups
On Monday evening I had an amazing catch up with my bestfriend, Gemma and it was honestly the best thing ever! I spoke about it in my previous post here, but it was so great to see her again, over the cutest Peppermint Jing Tea I've ever had in Creed Coffee, a brand new cafe in Carrick. I love nothing more than getting to sit down with my favourite people and chat for ages over any type of food and drink, preferably including cheesecake! One of my favourite things about Gemma and I, is anytime we meet for tea/coffee, we always end up sitting for a ridiculous amount of time! Monday was no different, I think we were together for about 4 hours, first getting coffee and then going for dinner...A slightly strange order to do things in but we went with it! I can't wait for our next coffee date, which will undoubtedly be in Creed, yet again!

The Gym
I have a serious love/hate relationship with the gym. I know that I have to go if I want to see any positive changes to my body but that does not mean that I want to go, or even like going. I feel like it's because I'm horrendously unfit, and I dislike the gym because cardio absolutely and completely destroys me, so at the minute I'm telling myself that once I work myself up to a better level of fitness then I'll actually look forward to it! This week we went 4 times, and while the ache in my muscles is a reassurance that I'm actually doing something right, the thought of running on a treadmill still fills me with dread. I'm definitely more comfortable on the weight machines, and that's pretty much what we focused on this week, just using the cardio machine for a bit of a warm up. One day I will actually be fit enough to thoroughly enjoy the gym...One day!

Blackhead Path
Yesterday we took Honey, my Mini Schnauzer, for a walk along Blackhead Path in Whitehead for the first time in ages! It's such a pretty walk, even on the dreary grey day that was yesterday. Unfortunately, Northern Ireland doesn't seem to be going through the same heatwave that's hit most of England, as per usual! Even still, it's always nice to walk along Blackhead, the path follows the shoreline pretty much the whole way round and the unobstructed views of the ocean are pretty special. Some spectacularly beautiful wild flowers have appeared along the path aswell, and they are so colourful and pretty and happy!

So this has been a pretty good week! Going back to work was hard after a week off, but life must go on I guess. I still believe that weekends are nowhere near long enough, someone along the line must have miscalculated!

Hope you've had a good week too! What have you been up too?