This Week: 4 Things

Sunday 9 August 2015

My blog re-name & re-design
I'd been talking about doing this for so long, and I finally got round to it on Tuesday night! If you like, you can have a nosey at my introductory post here!
It looks fabulous, even if I do say so myself! The blog design is from PipDig, and it couldn't have been easier to install. I'm so beyond pleased with it! With it's new look and brand new name (which I'm also super proud of!) it feels like an entirely new, better blog!

Visiting my Granny
David & I went up to my Grannys house of Wednesday evening, just to pay her a wee visit! It was so nice getting to just sit and chat with here for a while. After telling her that we're going camping in Kilbroney this week, she was absolutely full of stories about all the times she spent there when she was younger, and it was great getting to hear about all the places she visited. We're going to make more of an effort to go and see her more often, because it's always so nice when we do.

Camping Equipment
David & I are going camping today! We'll probably already be on our way there, by the time you're reading this. We're heading back down to Kilbroney Forest Park, to camp for 4 nights. I know we were just there like, last week but the area is so beautiful, and there is so much more to see that we decided we would just go back and camp for a while! This week has been spent gathering all the bits and bobs that we might need. We ended up ordering a gas stove, some pots and pans, and also a wee 1L whistling kettle! You wouldn't believe how excited David & I were over this kettle. I never thought I'd see that day when both of us called a kettle cute!

Harry Potter
I've always been a massive Harry Potter fangirl. I must have read and re-read the books a million times each, so much so that their poor covers are falling off! Last weekend we decided to re-watch all of the movies, so we've been watching one a night for most of the last week, and it's been glorious! I also decided to reread all of the books again. Partly to prevent me from buying any more books, but mainly because...well, Harry Potter, duh? I'm only on The Chamber of Secrets, but they are still as good as ever!

So that's what my week has consisted of! A pretty good one, I'd say. How has your week been?