What Does September Mean To You?

Tuesday 1 September 2015

This is the month of chilly, crisp sunshine, a multitude of change and new types of adventures. It’s the month of warm colours and cosy clothes, of jumpers and cuddly cardigans, of mugs of tea and coffee to heat cold hands. I love that going for walks always feel that little bit more special when you’re wrapped up in a coat and scarf in a bid to keep the bite of not-quite-frosty-yet wind away and you watch the leaves begin to change.

I love the transition from Summer to Autumn more than any other two Seasons, but I find it quite hard to articulate why. I find there’s a bigger change, it comes across more quickly between these two Seasons than any others, but the change is often softer too, more gentle while still being dramatic. The leaves begin to change slowly at first, and then a mass of different colours and tones and hues appear as if from nowhere. Some days are warm enough to go without a coat, and then others are chilly and make you wish for a hat and scarf. The sun can be bright and high in the sky, it can dazzle your eyes and make you wish for shade all while your breath is rising as mist in front of your face and your hands are deep in pockets trying to keep warm.

I love the feeling that comes with September, of Christmas not really being that far away. Of course, Halloween festivities come first with fancy dress and pumpkin carving and dunking for apples, and with it this blogs 1st birthday! Not long after that it’s my 25th birthday (25!!), then Christmas, then mine and David’s 3rd year anniversary, then the New Year. Broken down like that it’s no wonder the months fly by!

But I find that these last 4 months of the calendar year always, always fly in faster than any other time of year and yet I also always feel like September is the beginning of a new year. I haven’t been in formal education for 4 years now (what?!), but every single September I still feel like it’s the start of the year. It makes me want to start fresh, to start over and begin again. It makes me miss education, being in school or Uni, because then I’d have a valid reason to go and buy all of the new stationary. Not that I don’t buy ridiculous amounts of pens and notebooks as it is…

Technically speaking Autumn doesn't really begin until the 23rd September, but I think there is this general consensus that once the 1st September rolls around everyone just goes completely nuts for all things Autumn related! I, for one, am welcoming the new season with open arms. I'm so ready for this poor excuse of a Summer to be over, and for Autumn to arrive with all it's wonderful colours and scents, cinnamon and pumpkin coffees and candles, and all the maroon, navy and camel coloured clothes!

For me, September means that the year is nearly over, that this is our last chance to knuckle down and start afresh with renewed focus for the remaining few months. It means that we have the chance to reflect on our goals for the last 8 months and to achieve whatever it is that we wish by the time 2016 rolls around.

I absolutely adore Autumn, and I'm so excited for walks through fallen leaves followed by a coffee date to warm up frozen hands!

What are your feelings towards Autumn? What does September mean to you? 
Let me know in the comments!