This Week: 4 Things

Monday 14 September 2015

This weeks Sunday post is going up a tad later than usual! Life ran away from me a bit quickly this weekend, and it completely skipped my mind! It's no big deal though, you can still enjoy my ramblings on a Monday morning :)

Impromptu Catch-Ups
On Wednesday I went to pick David up from the train station after work, I was dressed and (reluctantly) ready to go to the gym, when something great happened. He got off the train with Beth, one of my friends that I haven't seen in ages! I offered her a lift home, and she suggested going for coffee. Soo somehow David ended up going to the gym on his own, while Beth and I went for a coffee! It was glorious. I did feel a bit bad about bailing on the gym, but let's be honest, coffee and chat was always going to win that one!

2 Sick Days
Okay, so these are definitely not a good thing, because I was struck down with some sort of lovely stomach bug, but having 2 days off work was so nice. I set up camp in the living room, wrapped in a duvet burrito, watched Friends, Big Bang Theory and Disney movies and tried to will this mystery illness away. I could have written up some blog posts, but I felt so miserable that being productive was nowhere near my radar, it was so much better to sit and be cosy and do nothing.

Parents Home
For the last 3 weeks or there abouts my parents had been away on a Greek Isles cruise, finishing up with a few days in Barcelona. They arrived home on Thursday, which means that Honey will no longer be taking up all of the room on my bed or kicking me in the chest and stomach with her pointy little paws! Obviously, I'm happy to see me parents aswell, but I won't lie it was great playing house with David while they were away. It's made me so much more eager to have my own place! Some day, some day... Anyway, I'm so jealous of the amazing time they had and places they seen, but the floaty scarf, pretty bracelet and real Turkish Delight they brought back made it somewhat less painful!

Youth Programmes
Our youth programmes in church have well and truly started back up for the year again, with Sunday (yesterday!) being the first official day back that wasn't a welcome evening or party! I sometimes have mixed emotions about YF and Sunday School starting back after the summer break because I loved having a chilled out Sunday to recharge for the new week ahead. But this year feels different! Towards the end of last year we kinda lost our focus as a Youth Fellowship and spent most weeks playing silly games with maybe a 2 minute talk thrown in, if even. Last night it was so nice to be with our young people again, and play games but also chat with them for a while about Jesus and hearing their questions and what they have to say. Last year it began to feel a bit like a chore, because we weren't doing anything that was relevant or making an impact, it seemed a bit like a waste of time! I'm hopeful that this year our focus is renewed and we can have a fresh start! I'm excited to see what happens!

How was your week?