This Week: 5 Things

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Today is the 7th, which means the first week of October is officially over!! Autumn excitement and pumpkin everything have been all over the internet for a good few weeks now, and it doesn't seem to be going away, which is totally fine by me. I love everything to do with Autumn, so seeing it pretty much taking over makes me so happy!

The last few weeks have been really quiet here on Simply Courageous,  for no reason in particular. I guess I've just lost my motivation a tad, but I'm hopeful that it will reappear soon! It always does. So for this post I thought I'd do a round up of things that have made me happy recently, and as such they may or may not have happened in the last week!

2 weekends ago now, David and I decided to go for a snoop around Ikea, mainly because well, who doesn't love wandering through Ikea? It turned out to be a bit of a bad call, as I had been out the night before so my poor wee feet were in so much pain! But I was able to power through, however, for the sake of the wonder that is Ikea. I love making mental wishlists as we walk through all the displays, and gathering inspiration for when I eventually have my own place. I picked up a glass jar for storing my tealights in and two milk bottle-style glasses. They're super cute, I just need to get some pretty straws and they'll look amazing! We also got a little milk frother, which has been a dream for making proper frothy lattes at home, and some lint roller clothes brush things...very exiting!

Beautiful Skies
Last week was filled to the brim with incredibly beautiful sunrises and sunsets. On the very early hours of the 28th September, a Lunar Eclipse occurred turning the moon "blood red". Apparently it was spectacular to witness, the moon looked huge in the sky and the colour was incredible. I never actually witnessed it because, to be perfectly honest,  I value my sleep very, very highly so setting an alarm to go off at 2am didn't sound overly appealing to me. Since the Blood Moon on the Monday night however, each sunrise and sunset were absolutely stunning. I couldn't believe the range of colours that spilled across the sky, they were truly majestic!

Cinema Date
Until Friday night I honestly cannot remember the last time I was at the cinema! It just have been forever ago,  because I can't even remember what movie it was! I love going to the cinema, it's one of my favourite things to do, so I'm not sure how it's been so long. Anyway, on Friday I went to see Everest with Gemma. I'm not even sure how to put my feelings about the movie into words without spilling spoilers everywhere! It was so tense, and pretty nerve-wracking to watch, and it succeeded in confirming that I never want to even think about climbing Everest, at all! Being based on a true story, I felt more connected to the characters and their story, and I actually felt like I had just watched a documentary rather than a movie. I'd read a few reviews which complained that it was boring, and moved too slowly, and that there wasn't enough character development blah blah blah, but I think that when a film is telling true events about real people, then some allowances have to be made. I really liked the fact that it stayed true to their story, and it wasn't "Hollywood-ised" for the big screen.

Pizza and Planning Sleepover
Gemma and I used to have sleepovers literally all of the time. Pretty much at any given opportunity! Sometimes there would've been a big group of us all piled into Gemma living room, but more often it was just the two of us. We even had our own little routine of going to the cinema, Pizza Hut for dinner, then back to hers for Ben & Jerry's and Pringles. It was nearly always the same! This time, we met after work in Belfast and went to Frankie & Bennys for dinner, which was beautiful, and then went to see Everest. Once we made it back to Gemmas, we decided to plan our trip to Edinburgh! Yes, that's right, we're heading over to Edinburgh for 4 days in December, and I cannot wait,  I'm so excited!! We're going right in the middle of December, after my birthday and before Christmas, and we decided to go, well just because! We love getting to go away together, we always have so much fun, and it's a little tradition in our friendship that we'd like to keep going! We spent the night planning and booking our flights and accommodation, and getting seriously excited for some last minute Christmas shopping and festive fun in Edinburgh!

Chai Lattes
I've recently rediscovered my love for Chai Lattes (or chai tea lattes,  I don't know if there's a difference...). It was entirely by chance as a girl in the queue in front of me 2 weeks ago ordered one and I instantly craved one too! I think I've unearthed a problem. I've had one at least every other day for the past week, they're just too damn tasty! But, they don't give me a headache the way hot chocolate does,  and they don't make me feel queasy the way coffee sometimes does! Soo, winner winner in my eyes!

So that's a small insight into my life over the past couple of weeks! I've also spent quite a lot of time creating my own "budget sheets" as alot of the printables I'd looked at online just weren't doing it for me. I have so much wonder and appreciation for designers who create digital content like this on a regular basis, it took me so long to do even the most basic things in a Word document!!

Anyway, here's hoping that I'll be back to normal, semi-regular posting here again. We're nearing this little blogs 1st birthday, which is super scary and I'd hate to completely fall off the bandwagon before then! Here's to motivation, inspiration and will power!

How has your life been recently?