#WeBlogSummer: Travel!

Monday 27 July 2015
This is David's map of North America, and all the stops he wants to make on a massive roadtrip!

Welcome to Week 3 of #WeBlogSummer! If you haven't managed to catch Week 1 or Week 2 you can find them both here, for an introduction into the project and to have a look at the other blogs that have been featured each week!

This weeks topic is Travel! It may seem pretty similar to last week, which was about Summer Holidays, but it can actually be vastly different. Which is really good, because as everyone knows, I'm not actually going on any big or "proper" summer holidays this year, so I would be so sad at having to write up two posts around summer holidays that aren't happening!

Anyway, for this post I thought I'd do a round up of places that I have been to before! Granted, the majority of cities that I have visited were on school trips spanning from 1st Year to Upper 6th, so I do want to go to them all again. Experiencing Rome with David was infinitely better than experiencing it with school teachers and sugar comas as a 14 year old!

Places I Have Been:

- Tanzania 2013
This was on a mission trip through The Leprosy Mission to the village of Samaria, Tanzania. The Leprosy Mission have been working in this village since 2007, building houses for the people to live in, instead of the mud huts that they had to rebuild every time the Rain Season came round. We were there for 2 weeks, and we helped the local workers build 5 houses! It was an amazing experience, one that I am sure I will never forget. The villagers that live there are incredible and the children were so loving and playful.

- New York City 2008
Sadly, I have no suitable photos of NYC 08, because Bebo no longer exists and I haven't been able to salvage my photos from my old laptop yet! Such a sad day it was, when I realised our trip to New York was pre-Facebook days! This was a school trip, the last one of our school days in Upper 6th...it was the best school trip that I can remember! We spent 6 days in the centre of NYC, and while I can't remember a lot of the finer details of it, it holds a dear place in my heart. I will most definitely, 110% be back in this city...hopefully sooner rather than later!

- London 2007
This was also a school trip, and as such all my photos are still on my old, broken laptop! It was the only time I've ever been in London, and it was so fun! We did all the standard touristy things, but it was a trip through the Politics Department in school, so we also did (dare I say it...) some pretty boring politics stuff too. I can't wait to get back to London, and experience it with full freedom!

- Paris 2002
Again, this was also a school trip! This one was way back in 2002, in my 1st Year of grammar school! The only things I remember from this trip are the absolutely horrible hotel food, and standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower! This is very, very high on my list to return too!

- Barcelona 2009 + 2011
I've been to Barcelona twice. Once with the Languages Department in school in 2009, and once in 2011 while on Rugby Girls Tour, in Lloret del Mar! I love Barcelona, it's such a beautiful city! It's also pretty much guaranteed that I'll be back here at some point, because David is a huuuge F.C Barcelona fan and he hasn't been before!

- Rome 2005 + 2015
I've been to Rome twice as well! Once with school in 4th Year, and once with David in March of this year. Visiting Rome with David was a million times better than it was with school. Being able to go where we wanted, wander the streets at our own pace and experience all the history and architecture that Rome has to offer was exactly what we needed.

- Dublin 2012, 2013 + 2014
I've spent 3 'long weekends' in Dublin! Once with my bestfriend, Gemma for her birthday, once with a group of friends for Beth's birthday and once with David! I love spending time in Dublin, it's such a lovely city! I would go back in a heartbeat, even though I've been quite alot! It's quite chilled out and so beautiful, even if it is a tad expensive!

So that's the main places I've been, the big cities and countries anyway! David and I have some plans in the pipeline that I haven't been able to go into too much detail about yet, but you can check out some of my travel/adventures posts here!

We have such big dreams about travelling & seeing the world, and I just cannot wait until the day when we set off and start our big adventure! Hopefully it's not too far away in the future, because we are definitely itching to get started!

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What are your travel plans for the summer? Or for the next year?! Have you been to any amazing places? Let me know in the comments!