#WeBlogSummer: Summer Holidays!

Monday 20 July 2015
Photo Cred - Photographer/Boyfriend extraordinaire, David Lorimer

Welcome to Week 2 of #WeBlogSummer! If you didn't see last weeks post, you can check it out here for a wee introduction into what the project is all about, and to have a look at a few other awesome ladies who are taking part as well!

This weeks topic is all about "Summer Holidays!". Honestly, I actually really struggled with this weeks post as sadly, I'm not really going on any super exciting holidays this year. It's kind of turned into a rambling mess of a post, but I think there's a point in there somewhere!


David and I are trying really hard to save as much money as possible for our Vague Adventures (which I have yet to explain properly, soz!), so unfortunately we haven't really got any major plans! We are planning on going camping in August, probably to Kilbroney Forest Park in Rostrevor, for a couple of days but that's about the height of it. I am really looking forward to it, I loved our last camping trip to Gosford Forest Park there in May. It was so peaceful and being able to get away from civilisation for a while is always a good thing! But, you know, it would be even nicer to be going away somewhere exotic and foreign and hot and beautiful! A girl can dream, right?

'Social-Media Envy' is a real struggle in these summer months and I'm trying so hard not to be jealous of everyone else's amazing photos of beautiful, sunny places. Confession: It's not working out so well!

I feel like Summer Holidays as an Adult are in some ways distinctly, and somewhat disappointingly, inadequate compared to Summer Holidays as a child/student. I miss those days when school/uni ended and a 4 month long summer stretched ahead when all I had to worry about was; How on Earth was I supposed to fill all of these gloriously empty days!?

As a child they were filled with day trips, sleepovers with friends, summer youth programmes, sunbathing in parks, family holidays, spending an entire day reading, going on really long walks just because we could.  As a student it wasn't much different...with the added festivals, and holidays with friends, and late night driving adventures!

I definitely feel like I never appreciated those days as much as I should have. While I was a student I had a near-enough full-time job in a Mauds Ice Cream Cafe, a position which my lovely boss Jane, very kindly kept for whenever I was home for the holidays! It was great, and I was so lucky. I could swap shifts for days off that didn't suit, I could book pretty much as many days off as I needed for different Youth programmes and holidays that I had coming up. I 100% didn't appreciate this enough at the time.

Now that I'm in full-time employment in an office, everything about Summer is different. I have to sit in an office in Belfast from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, or a storage facility from 7.30am-3.30pm Mon-Fri, no matter how beautiful the weather happens to be. If I want to book time off work, I have to submit a request and get a managers permission. It's all so much more formal, restricted and, to be perfectly honest, less fun than what it used to be!

But, at the same time, Summer Holidays as an Adult can be so much better than what they were like as a child/student!

This summer David and I have been sorting through some things, making and changing and finalising plans, and thinking about what we want to happen in the next couple of months/years. At the minute, if that means sacrificing a proper Summer Holiday in favour of smaller trips away, then I'm more than okay with that! We're trying to scrimp and save where we can, some weeks it's successful, other weeks...not so much.

But the important thing is that we are occupying ourselves with looking towards the future and being excited by what we envision there. Our lack of a Summer Holiday this year, means that we can hopefully do something incredibly amazing and exciting next year!

So this years Summer Holidays consist of saving, working and planning. It's Davids' birthday this week so we'll head out on a wee day-trip adventure somewhere wonderful. There's a camping trip thrown in for August (which has yet to be booked, oops). We'll also be house-sitting at the end of August as my parents go away on a cruise (lucky ducks!).

But apart from all of that, we'll be looking with anticipation towards the future, and the adventures that are waiting for us there! If we could just hurry up, and save alot faster.

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