The Love/Hate Tag ♥

Thursday 30 July 2015

I was nominated to do The Love/Hate Tag by Liz from The Blog of Happy Things about a week ago, I think. Maybe slightly longer than a week ago, I'm sorry! It seems to take me ages to get round to doing these tags! This tag is fairly simple... list 10 things that you love and 10 things that you hate, and then nominate a couple of other people to carry the tag on. Thanks for the nomination, Liz!

I struggled to find 10 things that I hate! And even then, hate is a strong word... I definitely wouldn't use it for most of these things, they are more really annoying. We'll start with these ones first, however which means we can finish with the positives!

10 Things I Hate

1. Damp Bathrooms - This probably sounds so random, but I hate using the shower/bathroom straight after someone else. Going into a bathroom that is covered in condensation from someone else's shower makes my skin crawl!

2. Terrible Signal - Luck would have it that my house, David's house and my work all have terrible phone signal! It absolutely does my head in, trying to speak to someone on the phone when neither of you can make out what the other person is saying.

3. One-Sided Friendships - Gone are the days when this is okay. Friendships take two to tango, and if only one person is putting in the effort it's never going to work. Life's too short to be stressed out by it!

4. Crowds - It's slightly claustrophobic, but mainly because people can be so flipping rude! When it seems like you're the only one who ever makes any effort to get out of the way of another person, the frustration is unimaginable!

5. Waiting Around - I can be quite an impatient person, and I don't really like waiting or sitting around for no reason. People running late, and then having to wait on them, is one of my biggest pet peeves. Which is quite rich, actually, because I tend to run a few minutes late if I'm going somewhere!

6. Interruptions - It really annoys me if people don't let me, or anyone, get a word in edge ways! People speaking over the top of someone else, constantly interrupting stories or conversations and just plainly not paying any's just rude.

7. Cold Tea - You know that heartbreaking moment, when you've made yourself a cup of tea and then consequently forgotten about it? And then you risk it, and have a taste because the mug still feels quite warm, but nope, the tea is disgustingly lukewarm, if not straight up cold and now you cant get rid of the taste? That. I hate that.

8. New Shoes - Or rather, the process of breaking in new shoes. My poor feet always end up so covered in cuts and blisters from new shoes that it's almost not worth getting them! Almost...

9. Migraines - I suffer from migraines fairly regularly, and I honestly wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. They are the absolute worst. I hate the way they completely cripple me and ruin the day (potentially few days) ahead because all I can do is shut myself off in a dark room and try to sleep it away.

10. Getting Lost - I really, really do not like getting lost while I'm driving. It stresses me out so much and I end up snapping at whoever is in the car with me at the time, regardless of whose fault it may be. I just feel like so much more can go wrong when you don't know where you're going in the car, that it's more dangerous somehow and I get so stressed!

10 Things I Love

1. Coffee Dates - There are few things in life that make my heart as happy as a good coffee date! There's just something about sitting in a cosy cafe with my favourite people and a frothy, hot coffee (and maybe a wee treat!) that makes me feel so content.
Nothing beats a Ground coffee!
2. Driving - It took me long enough to actually begin learning to drive, when I started at 23 years old I could have passed my test 6 years ago! That is crazy. But life got in the way, I had other things to do and spend my money on than driving lessons, so it took a back seat! Heheh! Now that I can drive and I've got my own car, it's fabulous! My 'R' Plates came down last week and it was the best feeling ever. Seriously, if you don't live in Northern Ireland you have no idea how lucky you are. 'R' Plates bring instant judgement from everyone else on the road. This whole loving driving thing will probably wear off eventually, but at the minute I love the freedom it's given me! It also links in with the next point...

3. Adventures - Being able to drive means that David & I can go on so many more adventures! We are no longer limited to the train lines, or confused by the bus system, we can just use Google Maps and away we go! I feel like going on adventures together is a key part of our relationship, we love nothing more than getting away and exploring new places; whether it's in our own wee country or further afield!

4. Elephants - They are my favourite animal! I just love them and I can't wait for the day when I get to actually meet one!

5. Nature - I love a good city break as much as the next girl, but my heart lies firmly with nature. Give me a huge forest, towering mountain, shimmering lake or jagged coastline any day and my soul would be happy!
The amazing landscape of Tanzania!
6. Sunsets - It's probably due to the fact that no part of me is a morning person, but I prefer a blazing sunset to a crisp sunrise. The vast array of colours that spill across the sky as the sun goes down are simply majestic and I could watch them forever.

7. A New Notebook - Like many others in this day and age, stationery is a huge weakness of mine. I have about 20 notebooks more than I will ever need, and yet I always find a reason for another one! Starting a brand new notebook has it's own special brand of happiness and satisfaction.

8. Cute/Funny Videos - It can be of anything. A kid, animals, couples, friends, even a cartoon drawing or animation. If it's cute or hilarious I will 100% be crying with laughter, literally (and I mean literally) in complete tears, to the point where I have to go and take my make up off because my eyes are stinging. I love it!

9. Reading - I've loved reading for as long as I can remember! I was always the quiet child with her nose stuck in a book at every opportunity possible. Honestly, I'm not much different now! I love getting completely wrapped up in a new world.
One of my favourite books this year, Neil Gaimon is incredible!
10. Tea - As much as I love coffee, I very rarely drink it at home. When I'm at home, a good cup of tea when I'm snuggled up in bed makes everything better!

So there you have it! 10 Things I Love and 10 Things I Hate (or, y'know, dislike).

I'm going to nominate:

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I honestly would recommend that everyone write up a list like this, it's surprisingly therapeutic! Even if you do come to the realisation that you dislike really weird and random things.

What are your top hates/loves?