Hello Again...

Wednesday 26 October 2016
Hello Again, Simply Courageous, North Coast, N.I

Hi there! I'm back!

It's been almost 6 months since I last did anything on this little online space, and I don't really have a reason for that except for; life!
David and I have been home now, and getting back into the swing of real life, for longer than we were travelling.

Let's just take a moment and let that sink in...

we.   have.   been.   home.   longer.   than.   we.   were.   travelling.

I know, right?!

It's awful. 

Everytime I remember that we've been home longer than we were away, 
it's harder to believe that we ever actually went travelling at all!

I meant to keep this blog alive and well during our travels, I was full of grand ideas of blogging in exotic locations with exciting stories and plenty of adventures at hand.

Good intentions and all, I guess!

Consistency has never been my strong point when it comes to this blog, much to my own despair. 

Life gets in the way all too easily, regardless of how much I love to blog, 
and while we were travelling I was more concerned with 
enjoying every moment to the fullest extent possible! 

Then coming home, only to leave again 5 days later for 24-7 Ibiza and 2 weeks where my faith was challenged and strengthened in ways I hadn't even imagined. 

To the point where I'm pretty certain I've left my heart in Ibiza, and my main hope this year
is that I will get the opportunity to go back out there next summer on a long term team!

Hello Again, Simply Courageous, The Bank House, Whitehead, N.I

For now, I can say that I love blogging, and that I've missed it these past few months.
I'm excited to get back into it, to find that passion for writing and sharing little adventures with you.

And for find joy in the little things again, instead of just
focusing on work and trudging through the days as they come!