Travelling SE Asia // A Little Life Update!

Wednesday 11 May 2016
Travelling SE Asia // A Little Life Update

Hey, how's it going?!

As it's taking way longer than it should for me to keep you guys updated on our travels, I thought I'd interrupt standard proceedings with a little rambling life update, as the title suggests, of where we are, how we're feeling and so on!

David and I are currently in Luang Prabang, Laos and (if you follow along on Instagram you'll already know!) today we visited the Kuang Si Waterfalls which were absolutely stunning! The water was the most amazing shade of turquoise blue, and each tier of the waterfall had quiet, bubbling pools flowing from one down into the next. It was such a beautiful place, and we loved it so much that we made the executive decision to stay in Luang Prabang for one more night, just so that we could go back to the waterfall tomorrow! #noregrets! We got picked up this morning at 11:30, arrived at the waterfall around 12:30 and had to be back at the bus for 15:30, but we felt like 3 hours there was nowhere near enough time. We could have easily spent the entire day exploring the waterfall and the surrounding jungle, even trekking to the very top of the waterfall! So we're gearing up for Round 2 tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited to get back to those bright blue pools!

We've been in Laos for about 1 week now and it's such a weird feeling knowing that this is our last new country of this trip. We're going back to Thailand around the 23rd May to spend the last 2/3 weeks on some beautiful islands, but because we've already been in Thailand for a whole month at the beginning of our travels it doesn't feel like a new country anymore! Which is pretty silly in itself, as we haven't seen any part of the South of Thailand or any of the islands, and I've heard that it is completely different to the mainland. If you have any recommendations for beaches or islands or hostels, let me know in the comments!!

I am so excited to get back to some island living though. I can't wait to be a stones throw away from the ocean again and for our days to revolve around chasing the sun and taking shelter in the shade when it gets too hot for our pasty white Irish skin! And before you ask, yes we are tanned, David a smidge more than me, but for us that just means that we are slightly less white than before we left glowing bronzed bodies here, sadly! But we live in the hope that 2/3 weeks on the Thai islands right before we head home will leave us suitably golden, and actually y'know looking like we've been in a tropical climate for 3 months!

But, even though I'm looking forward to some beach life, it kinda sucks because it feels like we're coming to the end of our trip. Which we are, I guess, but that doesn't mean that I want it to come any quicker! Yesterday we booked flights from Bangkok to Krabi (for £15 each, winner!) and it suddenly hit us both that once we get to Krabi we'll have about 2 weeks left before we head home! I can't wrap my head around the fact that our 3 month adventure is almost over. On one hand it feels like we've been travelling for absolutely ages, and on the other the last 2 months have completely flown by! Now that we have less than a month left, I wish we could rewind back to 1st March again, and start all over.

Although...part of me is actually super excited to go home, because five days after we land I'm going to Ibiza with 24-7 Prayer for two weeks, which will be beyond incredible! I'm so excited to get out there, to see what God will do and how He will use our team! I'm also looking forward to catching up with my friends and family, hearing about what's been happening in their lives over the last 3 months, and sharing all our photos and stories with them! And also getting some love from Honey, my wee Mini Schnauzer, I swear I miss her more than anyone else!

But apart from that, I'll be heading home to a serious job search, a Northern Irish summer (which lasts about 2 days, tops) and to being completely skint from the last 3 months. Not exactly things to fill me with excitement and joy about going home! So I guess you could say I have mixed feelings about coming to the end of our backpacking adventure!

It has been a phenomenal experience so far, we have seen and done so many amazing things and I'm really excited to see what our final month has in store for us!

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