June Round-Up & July Goals!

Tuesday 30 June 2015

It's hard to believe that we're at the end of yet another month! Maybe these monthly goals weren't such a great idea after all, all they're doing is making this year fly in!


June Goals

- Get a haircut cut = not done.
So I'm still putting this hair cut off. I'm just too indecisive about what I want, and I'm scared that I'll regret whatever decision I make! I'm aware it desperately needs cut, but it's my fringe I'm having issues with. Should I go full fringe again? Or let it grow out? Or get a sweepy side fringe? Who knows!

- Print Photos = not done. 
Another month without printing any photos off! I'm starting to feel guilty for this month already! I do really need to get on top of this though, otherwise there's just going to be way too many!

- Get Healthy = work in progress!
I feel like I've done better this month! No significant weight loss sadly, but definitely less snacking/crap food. Also, David and I tried to start running but my body has rebelled. My shins are in so much pain, it hurts to go down stairs and we didn't even go that far. So, yeah.

- Buy NO Books = done!
I actually did it! I bought zero books in June, including e-books. I'm so proud. Even when I decided to do this last month, I kinda thought I would never be able to do it. Books are a huge weakness for me. But I did, hurray! I can't wait to get my hands on the books I've had my eyes on this month.

- Save Money = kinda done...
This was helped by the fact that I bought no books this month, but...I still suck at saving. Getting paid weekly makes it so difficult.

- Continue with Vague Plans = kinda done...
The process is still ongoing, but it's so slow, and everything is kinda up in the air at the moment. Who knows what will happen!

- Room Clear Out = kinda done...
Well...I tidied. Many times. But there was no huge clear out sadly. I did rearrange my bookshelf though! It's looking very pretty.

July Goals

- Hair Cut
Oh my goodness. I need to get it together, 3 months in a row?!

- Print Photos
Yep. See above.

- Get Healthy
As I said last month, this is probably going to be here forever. It's a work in progress guys.

- Tick 1 Item Off My Bucket List
A couple of months ago, David and I wrote up a Bucket List. It mostly consists of places we would like to go, but there are a few on there that can easily be achieved on home soil.

- Research Blog Re-name
I've been thinking about renaming my blog/getting a custom domain. I just don't know if it's worth it, is it too much hassle, will I lose my blog etc. I need to research! Any help would be very kindly appreciated!

I think that will do it for July. I'm still abit in shock at how quickly summer has rolled around. This year is absolutely flying past!

Have you set yourself any goals for July?

Ps. I'm not joking. If you can help with the whole renaming my blog thing, please do!!