The Travel Bug

Tuesday 4 November 2014
It's happened.

David & I have been well & truly bitten by the Travel Bug.

At the beginning of September we went down to Dublin for a long weekend, just as a little mini holiday. Before that the most exotic place we'd been together was Portrush. (Apart from Tanzania, but that was a Mission Trip to build houses, so doesn't really count as a holiday! A post about Tanzania will follow soon.)

Unless, of course, you would call a caravan in Portrush 'exotic'?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

(I would like to apologise now for the amount of photos...I'm sorry, but they're so pretty!)

Now, don't get me wrong, the caravan was lovely! It belonged to my Granny, and we had such a great time there in July.

The highlights being; 

Countless walks along Whiterocks Beach...

Exploring Dunluce Castle...

Eating in the beautiful Harbour Bistro (The food was so, so good!)

It was such a lovely little getaway, we had a great time together. But for me, it was still only Portrush. An hour and a bit down the road, somewhere we can go anytime we please...pretty much.

Next on the cards was Dublin in September. This long weekend break was my present to Dee for his birthday, something else on the horizon that we could look forward to doing.
Having a drink in O'Flaherty's Bar

It was So. Much. Fun!

We crammed our days with all things touristy: National History Museum, Natural History Museum, Dublin Castle, Dublin Zoo, the City Bus tour, Christ Church Cathedral, Trinity Library, Chester Beatty Library, St Stephens Green, Grafton St, Temple Bar.

  It was great.

I love being a tourist!

My faves:

- Dublin Zoo was an incredible day, there were so many baby animals, we got to see 2 baby elephants, and get a selfie with a tiger!
Baby Elephant! They're so teeny!

Tiger Selfie!
- Chester Beatty Library was just amazing. Being able to see some of the oldest surviving copies of Biblical manuscripts, from Pauls Letters, and the book of Daniel, was unreal. I can't even really describe how seeing them made me feel. All I can say is, we spent a significant amount of time just standing there looking at them in awe.

Chester Beatty Library Selfie...
The oldest surviving Greek manuscript of Daniel.

There was so much walking involved, and because we don't know Dublin very well (obviously!), we got lost on more than a few occasions, which were definitely not my fault!

The River Liffey looking pretty

One thing I really loved, was that our days were so busy. We actively thought about where we were going to go each day, and what we wanted to see & do. Dublin is filled with so many beautiful sights, it was nice to just be able to relax and take them all in at our own pace.

Open-top Dublin City Bus Tour

St. Stephens Green in the sunshine
We met up with Lynsey, an old school friend of mine
Dee even had his first pint of the Black Stuff!
Trinity Library (aka Hogwarts Library)

Hogwarts again...
Trinity was beautiful, though...

Pretty much as soon as we came home from Dublin we wanted to have another trip to look forward to. A couple of days later we booked a hotel. Last week we confirmed it, and booked flights.

Rome, March 2015.

Yes, it's a real thing!! We are going to Rome in March for 5 days!!

I am so excited it barely makes sense.

The flights are booked and paid for. The hotel is booked, but will be paid for when we get there.

5 whole days in Rome. I cannot wait!

I am 100% going to compile a list of places to go & things to see/do. I'll maybe even go so far as to create a day-by-day itinerary. We'll see how it goes.

So yeah, the Travel Bug.

The two of us are the same in this, we both just want to go places and see things.

There's also been whisperings of looking into a Norwegian Fjords/Northern Lights Cruise for next year. WHAT! I can't even think about how amazing that would be right now.

There's so much to look forward to!

Any recommendations on potential destinations are always welcome :)