Halloween Weekend '14

Thursday 6 November 2014
This year Dee & I really acted our age at Halloween.

Both of us being in our 20s, the most common assumption would be that we got dressed up (as a zombie, vampire, witch, comic book character, whatever), and then proceeded to head out either to a club, bar or house party...all valid options!

Except for the simple fact that, we did none of the above.

Instead, this is what our Halloween Weekend consisted of:

  • Friday - Building & decorating our own Gingerbread House (which tasted awful, but looked so good!)
  • Watching Hocus Pocus & Van Helsing, while drinking Club Orange through Skeleton Straws (We're totally only pretending to be Adults...)
  • Saturday - Day trip to Gosford Forest Park, my all time favourite place. A huge forest, beautiful walks, animals + nature everywhere!
  • Happened to be my first time driving there (Dee as co-pilot), and let's just say it was an adventure! 
  • Also, 1st time driving through Portadown (traumatising isn't the word) to get coffee before the journey on the motorway home. In the dark. In torrential rain. With dodgy windscreen wipers. All an adventure!
  • Sunday - Sorted my life out (by that I mean "tidied my room"), & then headed to YF that night to chat about the importance of reading the Bible + how we need to make more time for it.

All in all, a beautiful way to spend any weekend :)