Friday Faves: 5th February 2016

Friday 5 February 2016

This week has been a relatively quiet one. It's that week of the month where all of my bills come out in one fell swoop and leave my bank account feeling barren and neglected and frighteningly low figures. Which, you know, isn't the best situation to be in considering I leave for SE Asia in like 3 weeks! So here's to saving like a madwoman for the next few weeks!

Happy Friday!!

1 > Nothing Weekends
Last weekend David and I had no plans. He wasn't working, we had nowhere to be other than an eye test on Saturday morning and church on Sunday, and it was the best thing ever! We stayed at home, seeking shelter from the howling wind and rain under a snuggly warm duvet and just enjoyed having nowhere to be! We put the days in doing some backpacking research, David watched the football while I worked on a world map jigsaw, which btw is really fun but alot harder than I remember jigsaws ever being! Having no plans is sometimes the best thing in the world, you get to just spend time with each other and relax!

2 > Biggest Amazon Order Of My Life
Over the last few weeks I've been putting together an Amazon order of bits and bobs that David and I will need for going away. My basket was full of things that we didn't realise that we would need, but the more packing lists that we read, the more we realised that oh right, we need all of the things! So this week, everything from that order has been arriving, and I've been so excited!! It makes the trip seem more real, the fact that we're going to have to start packing soon means that it's actually happening! Who knew you could get so excited over packing cubes, sleeping liners, bug spray and padlocks!?

3 > Reunion Dinner!
Last night I went for dinner with the girls, to Chiquitos! It's a Mexican restaurant in Belfast that I absolutely love! It's really fun and the food is always really good, and you get to wear sombreros so what's not to love? It was a great night though, because it's been ages since all of us have hung out together! What with two of them being in New Zealand for the last year, and the rest of us either studying or in full time jobs, it's just really difficult for us to get everyone together! But last night was a wonderful success, with lots of laughter, chat and good food!

4 > Saving A Bird
I mean, I'm not sure that this is a fave moment of this week, but it happened and I was a little traumatised, so here we are. David and I had our last vaccine appointment yesterday, so I got out of work early and had a nice wee half day. We went for out injections and headed back to my house, where we found a bird was trapped in my living room. Yep you read that right. A bird was in my living room!! Luckily, someone had forgotten to open our curtains yesterday morning, so the poor wee thing wasn't flying into the window all day but it's an absolute mystery as to how it got in! Dad thinks it came down the chimney but I'm not convinced. David and I were the only ones in, so it was up to us to try and get it out. We tried putting some bread on the floor so it would land, and we could throw a blanket over it and carry it outside, but the little thing was terrified, all it did was fly back and forth along the ceiling! Thankfully, long story short, we managed to open one of the windows, and after a few failed attempts where it flew straight into the window panes, it found the open window and flew outside. I felt so traumatised and sad for the poor wee bird, we thought at one point it was going to kill itself against the window! But yeah, we managed to get it outside and saved the wee thing! Not how I'd imagined my Thursday afternoon going, if I'm honest!

So that was my week! This weekend consists mainly of baking traybakes for my 24-7 Prayer fundraiser lunch on Sunday, and not much else to be honest.

How has your week been?