'Tis The Season!

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Happy 1st of December!

It's officially one of my favourite and happiest months of the year, and I couldn't be more excited by what's in store! So many exciting things to look forward to!

First up, it's the beginning of Advent.
The first day of advent was actually on Sunday 29th November, the 4th Sunday before Christmas, when the first candle is lit in anticipation of Christmas Day. For most people, however, advent begins on 1st December when that first little box can be opened to reveal chocolate, nail varnish, a candle or some other amazing thing to be surprised with in the run up to Christmas! Have you noticed that Advent calendars have really started going all out in the last few years?! With make up ranges, skin care, home ware, literally you can find pretty much anything in Advent Calendar form, it's insane! I, however, have remained traditional and have my Frozen chocolate advent calendar waiting for me in the mornings! None of these fancy pants, super expensive ones needed here!

Anyway, I've never really considered Advent a big thing before, probably because I've never taken the time to look into it properly! It's always just been something that we do in church, where we remember the story of Jesus' birth, sing Christmas carols and light 4 candles in the run up to Christmas Day. But I'm learning that Advent is so much more than that. Advent means arrival, and the season of Advent is the waiting period before Christmas, a time of anticipation and excitement as we remember and remind ourselves of that period of Jesus' life. It's the waiting that is important, in a society and a culture that demands things happen instantaneously, as soon as possible with no waiting required, advent is all about the waiting. This year I'm going to try and take a more reflective approach to this season of Advent, and try to discover a different kind of joy in waiting for Christmas Day, in waiting for Jesus, in not missing the hope that we have in Him. I'm excited to see what the waiting brings.

Second on my list of Exciting Things In December: It's my birthday month!
Yes, this weekend I leave behind my stretched out 'early-twenties' years and officially join the 'mid-twenty'/quarter of a century club! I think I'm equal parts excited and sad to be hitting the big 25. I'm excited because, well, I love birthday celebrations and really, let's be honest who doesn't love getting presents?! But I'm also sad because 25 just seems SO much older than 24! It's the age of real adults, with marriages, mortgages and children under their belts and then there's me, quitting my full time job in March to go travelling for 3 months, and then who knows? I mean, what is that?! But, quarter life crisis aside, birthdays are always fun and so I'm mostly looking forward to mine!

Thirdly, I'm going to Edinburgh!!
Gemma and I are going on a mini-break to Edinburgh for 4 days, just before Christmas! We booked it in October, for no other reason at all really, other than as an excuse to go on a mini holiday! I'm really looking forward to it because I haven't been to Edinburgh since I was a child in Primary School, so I barely remember the city at all. I'm soo excited to stay in a cute hotel, go to the Christmas Markets and generally just have a wonderful, Christmassy time with my best friend! I'm not entirely sure why we thought smack bang in the middle of all things Christmas would be a good time to go, because my bank account is feeling a little bit tight right about now! But money woes forgotten, I'M SO EXCITED!

Fourth super exciting thing; Christmas preparation!
By this, I mean every event, every activity, every work dinner, every shopping trip in the run up to the big day! There is our Youth Fellowship Christmas Party which we need to get decorations for, my work Christmas Dinner and at least one trip to Belfast Christmas Market in the coming weeks. There's also all of the fabulous Christmas church services; Carols By Candlelight which is beautiful every year, and Community Carol Singing which will hopefully be a good evening too! I'll be finishing up my Christmas shopping aswell, and getting everything in pretty gift bags, ready to be given away!

The Fifth thing on my list, Christmas Day!!
I love everything about Christmas Day; getting up to open presents, going to church, seeing my friends and swapping presents, seeing all the little kids showing the church their new toys, spending the day at home with my family, playing silly games and eating far, far too much wonderful food! It's so nice to have a day where everything outside just kind of stops, and the whole day is so chilled and slow and relaxed.

Last, but definitely not least, the Sixth; Mine and Davids 3rd Anniversary!
On 28th December, David & I will have been in a relationship for 3 years!! I can't quite believe that it was 3 years ago that we got together. On one hand, it feels like we've been together forever and on the other, those 3 years have flown in! But I do know I can't imagine not having David in my life now, he is such a rock solid part of it and I love how much we've grown together. We're so comfortable with each other, and we know each other inside out! Part of me finds it weird just how close we are, because I never experienced this with any other guy before I met David. I'm so, so thankful for David and our relationship, and I can't wait to celebrate 3 years with him!

So there you have it! December is shaping up to be a pretty action packed month, and I'm so excited for everything that's going on. I love that everywhere has their Christmas lights up and every place I look is so festive and pretty!

What are you looking forward to this month?